Hi. I'm a UX designer with a background in spatial media arts. I'm currently researching the future of news in a smart cities context. Follow my work at the University of Washington this year, as I explore new ways to design for physical and virtual spaces, and get faster at biking uphill.

Sarah Outhwaite (Princeton BA, UW MHCI+D candidate) fuses an experimental media practice with evidence-based, human-centered design. Her live media works have been shown at venues, galleries, and festivals including The Juilliard School, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and New York Creative Technology Week. She is the former Digital Media Manager at the Guggenheim Museum where she designed the app's Webby-nominated spatial features in collaboration with developers. In 2017, Sarah video designed the national ceremony commemorating U.S. entrance into World War I, and began the Master in Human Computer Interaction + Design at the University of Washington.